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At Alif Lam Center we embrace tradition and the belief that language and knowledge are unifying forces which can be actively used to promote peace and co-existence.
New and Innovative curriculum
Alif Lam Center is using interactive whiteboard technology to educate and engage students in the classroom with vivid images; video and audio allowing students to interact directly with the lesson content. At Alif Lam Center the play method of teaching will work in tandem with a new and innovative curriculum devised through months of research, training programs, investigation into methods of learning and teaching, as well as discussions and ideas taken from primary school teaching. Lots of well thought through language exercises, activities, games, and projects that children will love to learn Arabic from.
Arabic Curriculum
Islamic Education
Theatrical Arts
Leadership Skills
Arabic for youth

Empower your children with reading, writing, speaking and listening skills from the very first day!
We think you will learn many times more here than existing schools that teach Arabic to children in Washington Metro Area. In this way, it is not only cost effective eventually, but your children will enjoy their Sundays at the Alif Lam Center
Alif Lam Center aspires toward community integration
With the global significance of Arabic on a steep rise, Alif Lam Center aspires toward community integration and seeks to be able to participate in promoting an understanding of language and cultural history, – through a range of mediums, including Arabic satellite TV, computer aided learning and books to take home, – to children from all backgrounds, and takes great pride in doing so!

I Learn Arabic: Multi-Lingual Series

The “I Learn Arabic: Multi-Lingual Series” is a multi-lingual, simplified series for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, and it covers the elementary school levels. It is a suitable series for instructors with only 1.5 – 2 hours per week for teaching Arabic in.
The “I Learn Arabic: Multi-Lingual Series” is the same as the “I Learn Arabic: Simplified Curriculum Series,” with one exception – the multi-lingual series has introductions and instructions in four different languages: Arabic, French, English and German. The rest of the series’ content is in Arabic, and is not translated to these languages. The series is perfectly suited for students who come from non-Arabic speaking families, and who need a mediating language to understand instructions.
The series consists of three levels: the first, second and third levels. These are immediately followed by another series, the “I Love and Learn Arabic” series, which contains levels four, five and six.
The books form a well-developed curriculum that presents Arabic in an educational, interesting, and simple manner. These books pay great attention to the needs of non-native speakers, and those living in the West; inclusiveness and integration characterize them. The series looks at language as a group of general skills and exercises. The instructor should not simply spoon-feed or force the information onto students; rather, the instructor should strive to help students pick these skills up by communicating with students, involving students directly in the discovery of the skills, and then having students pick these skills up, understand and analyze, and finally, use them.


Alif Baa: Third Edition

Alif Baa, Third Edition uses a communicative, proficiency-oriented approach with fully integrated audiovisual media to teach modern Arabic as a living language. The Alif Baa, Third Edition Companion Website is fully integrated with the textbook, with interactive exercises, streaming audio and video, and course-management and grading options for instructors. Alif Baa forms part of the leading Arabic language program, Al-Kitaab, now in its third edition. Using this Alif Baa, Third Edition textbook with its companion website facilitates blended learning and flipped classroom models, which have been implemented successfully at institutions large and small. The Alif Baa, Third Edition Companion Website has been designed with asynchronous learning in mind, guiding students through a series of dynamic, interactive learning and practice modules that free up valuable classroom time, while the website’s course management features save instructor time.

The Alif Baa, Third Edition Bundle provides everything a student needs to begin learning Arabic. The Companion Website Access Key for Alif Baa, Third Edition provides an individual student with full access to the companion website and is valid for 18 months from the student’s first use of the key. This bundle cannot be returned if the seal protecting the Companion Website Access Key is removed. 

                                  Al-Kitaab Part One 

Al-Kitaab Part One is the second book in the Al-Kitaab Arabic Language Program and is now available in an extensively revised and reorganized third edition. This book with its companion website develops skills in formal and colloquial Arabic, including reading, listening, speaking, writing, and cultural knowledge, integrating materials in colloquial and formal/written Arabic. It provides a comprehensive program for students in the early stages of learning Arabic.

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